Moonen Yachts

Gold Exhibitor

Celebrating 40 years in the business of building luxury yachts, the rich heritage and original vision of Moonen has been maintained throughout the years by a close-knit team of in-house professionals. As enthusiasts and perfectionists, going the extra mile is deeply embedded in the Moonen DNA, taking a personal approach with each client at every level of the boatbuilding process to create a unique superyacht that's tailor-made to the tastes of each individual owner.

With a focus on superyachts between 30 and 50 metres, Moonen has been able to hone its craft to produce exceptional quality yachts that enhance the onboard experience at every stage. 

"From the drawing board to the open seas, we will guide you through every strategic choice in the design process. This is our passion, it is what we are excited to do every day and we are excited to be on this journey with you."

Moonen Marquis

Moonen Yachts |  42 m |   12 guests

Moonen Martinique YN201

Moonen Yachts |  36.3 m |   12 guests

Moonen 110

Moonen Yachts |  33.87 m |   10 guests