Meet Nauta Design's mighty 140m Project Titan

5 May 2021

One of the challenges in designing a large superyacht is the ability to make a large scale object look sleek and elegant. At 9,170 GT and 140 metres, Nauta Design’s Project Titan achieves this through clever design solutions and carefully executed styling.

An example of this is the step up in the hull amidships, which helps to break up the visual length of the vessel — a styling feature that is emphasised with the use of white on the superstructure and grey on the hull. Creative ideas such as these provide opportunities to overcome barriers such as the relationship between the interior and exterior, which was the main goal and inspiration for the Milan-based design team.

“We think that the most unique aspect of yachting and the greatest luxury of on board living lies in the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the surrounding natural environment,” says Mario Pedol, co-founder of Nauta Design, as he explains how interest from a client for a project this size led to the creation of Titan. “As designers, we work on reducing the visual and functional elements that impede the sensation of blending into the environment as much as possible.”

One of the ways in which Nauta Design has managed to engage with the environment is by offering generous exterior deck space with multiple locations across the motor yacht for the owner and their guests to enjoy time out in the open air. “Titan has balanced and clean lines and gives more importance to the exterior spaces, hence the elegant, centre-positioned superstructure,” says Pedol.

The aft main deck provides ample seating that surrounds a large glass floor allowing light to penetrate down to the beach club. While a swimming pool on the foredeck is one of several water features.

It sits behind one of two helipads — a touch-and-go suitable for a Eurocopter EC145 with the second helipad located aft of the bridge deck which is certified for a Eurocopter EC145.

A Jacuzzi directly above the main swimming pool on the upper deck is complete with a plunge pool on the port side and a seating area to starboard, while the sundeck features another pool forward and smaller plunge pools on the port and starboard sides. These all aid in connecting guests to their watery surroundings and visually pulls in the environment.

“We have designed extraordinary outdoor spaces with breath-taking views from both inside and out, with the aim of making the most seamless connection as possible between the indoor and outdoor,” says Pedol. These large floor-to-ceiling glass windows wrap 600-square-metres around the superstructure, offering unobstructed views to the 2,470-square-metres of exterior deck and ocean scenery beyond.

The 3,050-square-metre interior provides accommodation for 24 guests across six guest cabins, three VIP suites and three owner suites, along with quarters for 57 crew. The main saloon on the main deck makes the most of the 20-metre beam to create a large and open space that includes a dining area.

The seven-deck superyacht is powered by twin ABB AMZ 1120 MR08 LAF producing 5,200kW each and are connected to two CCP props. The engine room also includes eight MTU 16V 4000 M33S generators producing 2,080kW each. Titan can achieve a maximum speed of 20 knots and has a cruising speed of 17 knots with a maximum range of 6,000 nautical miles.