Alva Yachts Reveals Range of Eco Yachts

Fledgling builder Alva Yachts has revealed a range of eco yachts and announced it already has two catamarans under construction.

The builder’s Ocean Eco line of fully electric solar powered catamarans includes two models; the 16.7 metre Ocean Eco 60 and 27.4 metre Ocean Eco 90.

The Ocean Eco 60

Both are designed specifically around electric propulsion and fitted with solar panels shaped and integrated into the structure of the coach roof.

At peak output, these panels can generate 20kW on the Ocean Eco 60 while the 300kWh lithium battery bank provides a 110 nautical mile range at seven knots. There is also the option of a hybrid system.

The Ocean Eco 90

The builder also has a sailing yacht model named the Ocean Sail 82 under development, which features hybrid propulsion, a high capacity battery bank and state of the art rig.

The Ocean Sail 82

The builder is  targeting the houseboat and floating villa markets with an advanced solar design allowing floating homes to stay off-grid in remote sunny areas. It has already received a first order from the Maldives.

The Ocean Resort

Alva Yachts co-founder and managing director Mathias May said: “Our goal is to provide floating solutions. The same technology and design ethos which creates beautiful, low-impact yachts can also drive change in the houseboat and floating villa sector.”