What's In Build: Custom Line Navetta 30

2 November 2020

LOA: 28.43 metres

Interior designer: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Exterior designer: Arch. Filippo Salvetti

Naval architect: Ferretti Group's Product Strategy Committee (led by engineer Piero Ferrari) and Engineering Department

What was the brief?

Ferretti Group chief commercial officer, Stefano de Vivo: “Due to the huge success enjoyed by the new Navetta generation, we want every new project to have the sensational verve of a masterpiece. The objective was to build a yacht that meets this requirement and takes a stunning step forward in the quest to offer owners and their guests incomparable well-being. The brief was to build the smallest displacement yacht in the Custom Line range with top volumes guaranteeing in the same time both high performance and greatly reduced consumption.

What has been the most challenging part of the build so far?

“The most challenging part of the yacht is to build three real decks, each of them totally liveable and brimming in comfort, which is a record of a vessel of this size and volumes. At the same time, it offers superb performance and minimise consumption. In fact, Navetta 30 falls within the CE category, Class A, with volumes never before achieved in this market segment.

“It was essential to find the right balance between the hull and the superstructure and emphasise the way the external lines stretch out horizontally in order to add a little vivacious verve to this distinctive, complex creation.

Name one or two standout features on board?

“The Navetta 30 is the first Custom Line vessel that the exteriors were designed by Filippo Salvetti. For the first time the drop from the superstructure on the upper deck has been shortened near the glazed window of the owner’s cabin, giving the yacht a more streamlined shape that is even racier and sportier. And that is not all: one of the most striking aspects of the new yacht is a gap between the hull and the superstructure, which has been created by raising the joints with the upper deck to form two clearly separate parts.

“Regarding the interiors, the innovative design scheme is developed for the first time in partnership with Citterio Viel. The firm has given traditional maritime style – from the concept to the colour palette – a contemporary twist. They proposed furnishing solutions that were created exclusively for this yacht. The classic design of the curved lines on the furniture and window frames presents a modern outlook on nautical traditions, as does the use of teak. Its timeless allure is complemented by the vibrant “sporty chic” of carbon detailing, surfaces with quartz fibre combined with fibre glass to create customised textures, sophisticated lacquer and fabrics with ultramarine blue stripes.

What is the status of the build and when is the scheduled delivery date?

“The first Custom Line Navetta 30 is launched in September. It will officially debut at the beginning of November 2020.”