Codecasa's retro-chic Gentleman’s Yacht pays homage to 1960s style

2 May 2021

Italian design has always been held in the highest regard and Italian yachts are no different. Classic designs of the 1960s, built for zipping about the Italian Riviera, are often considered the pinnacle of style, so it comes as no surprise that Codecasa's latest concept takes its inspiration from the past.

The Gentleman’s Yacht pays homage to this golden era of yachting, inspired by traditional maritime style but with a modern twist. Luca Dini, the visionary behind the 24 metre pocket yacht, had been working on the project for some time before it caught the eye of Fulvio Codecasa who fell in love at first sight. “Yachts from the 1950s and 1960s immediately take me back to my childhood, walking along the docks in Viareggio and admiring the timeless elegance of these boats,” says Dini.

The Gentleman’s Yacht is built entirely from aluminium, styled with glossy mahogany and chrome-plated steel finishes. Inspired by smaller vintage runabouts, the stern is sheer but folds down to reveal a beach club with full-height windows filtering natural light through the lower level. A pair of circular portholes on either side are also reminiscent of classic designs and offer another window through which to view the surrounding seascape. According to the shipyard, the beach club is one of the largest seen on a yacht of this size. "I would probably spend most of my time on board in the beach club at the stern because I would really be living at sea," says Fluvio Codecasa.

There are two proposals for the interior: the first reflects its exterior styling with chocolate wood detailing, classic white boiserie and splashes of navy blue, while the second takes a decidedly more minimalist approach. Accommodation is for a total of eight guests across four cabins with an additional two cabins for crew.

Even the tender, which it carries on the aft deck, has been designed as a mini-me to the Gentleman’s Yacht, flaunting the same lines and finish as the mothership. The yacht runs a small crew of two or three and so it was important that the tender could be easily launched and recovered with a crane integrated into the superstructure.

The Gentleman’s Yacht is aimed towards a younger owner with an appreciation of retro beauty, but is "cross-sectional in its appeal,” says Dini. "It could very well be an owner of a much larger boat that might want to live in more privacy, or an owner that already has a larger yacht with a large crew that wants to downgrade in size while maintaining a certain level of beauty, comfort and visibility.”

"The Gentleman’s Yacht is born from the desire to create a timeless boat with lines that never age," says Dini. "It's a yacht that you notice as it cruises into a marina, even at 24 metres in length.”

The concept will be available in a limited run of 10 hulls with construction on the first hull set to begin soon.