Mario Pedol on the creation of custom sailing yacht Morgana

15 March 2021· Miranda Blazeby

Nauta Design co-founder Mario Pedol has opened up about the design journey behind the 30 metre Southern Wind sailing yacht Morgana. The RP-Nauta 100 custom yacht may have just arrived in the Mediterranean following a 7,000 nautical mile journey from the South African yard but Morgana’s design journey first began in 2017. Pedol was contacted by Morgana’s owner who was, incidentally, an old school friend. “I’ve been a friend of the owner for many years,” Pedol explains, “he contacted us at a certain point to talk about a new dream.”

From there, Pedol and his colleagues began to “collect ideas” to meet the owner’s demands and make Morgana a reality. The initial brief called for a fast and competitive bluewater cruiser able capable of performing competitively on the racecourse. “It was very clear from the beginning the level of demand my friend was asking for,” Pedol says.

All photography: Rob Kamhoot

Key exterior features include a flush deck, lifting keel and large sail area for maximum performance. Pedol estimates Morgana to spend around 60 days a year cruising and 15 days racing so achieving a balance between the yacht’s ability to cruise and race was key. “The cruiser racer is quite a challenge in the deck layout because the pleasantry of cruising comes first and then the very best in terms of efficiency in racing is the second step,” he explains. 

He points to the Baltic 130 Custom sailing yacht My Song, also designed by Nauta Design, as “an incredible example” of this balance. He believes this is replicated in Morgana, which he describes as a “cocktail mixture” of “performance, efficiency and safety”. “This is my ideal boat,” he adds.

Below deck, Pedol admits the “fresh and contemporary yet understated" interior “took some time to finalise”. The process required Pedol to visit the owner's house for interior design inspiration to replace on board Morgana

But Pedol is “very happy” with the result, which combines light soft furnishings with warm, textured wood panelling. “It’s a really nice balance between marine ambient atmosphere but interpreted in a modern way,” he explains. “I have a strong belief that a yacht should have a warm atmosphere – a warmness and a cosiness, even in a modern language.”