Nautor's Swan chief executive Giovanni Pomati predicts a hybrid future for sailing yachts

6 May 2021

Finnish sailing yacht shipyard Nautor's Swan ended 2020 on a high with the announcement of two new projects, the Swan 88 and ClubSwan 80, and its first foray into powered yachts in the form of a 55-knot chase boat. Nautor's Swan chief executive Giovanni Pomati reflects on the previous year and outlines the shipyard's plans for a hybrid future.

What developments have taken place at the company during the past few months?

We are working very hard on the range of products at Nautor’s. The upcoming months will be very active from a launch point of view. ClubSwan 125, the most awaited yacht of all times, will be launched next June in Pietarsaari, followed a couple of weeks afterwards by Swan 120, our new flagship. Meanwhile, we are working on the engineering of Swan 88, the entry level in the Maxi line and proceeding with the construction of ClubSwan 80, in Italy. On the side of the mid-size Swan we will present the Swan 58 in Scarlino, together with the motor yacht and we will present other very interesting projects.

In parallel, our R&D department is working hard to make a real sustainable change. We are working very hard on hybrid and electric propulsion projects, and on eco-friendly materials and other low carbon technologies, in every division, but I cannot say more for now.

What do you think is the next big thing in sailing yacht design?

Our goal is to grant a great experience sailing also in light wind conditions, allowing the owner to sail only with the wind force, cruising in close communion with nature and with less usage of the engines.

We maximize comfort and performance through the hull shapes, the sail plans, the ergonomics and the GAs. Our sailing yachts are conceived to offer the most comfortable solutions, with luxury elements and technologically advanced solutions. The use of new material in the construction and for the interiors.

How do you foresee the company evolving over the next five years?

I trust the evolution more than the revolution. We work to strive our best every day, designing and producing yachts that keep their values over the years, like a piece of art. The evolution is something that has always been in our DNA, through the lines, new and contemporary solutions and soon environmental-friendly products.

What has been the most enjoyable experience during your time as CEO?

As a CEO I have the opportunity to be part of the whole process from the idea of a project to the final result. To go through the different phases and it’s like assisting at the birth of a child. It’s an incredible journey with incredible people from different cultures and know-how who always push you to think outside the box to offer the best.

What has been your greatest challenge as CEO?

We’ve been through a very difficult year, longer than we thought and it hasn’t been easy to be closer to our clients, offering them a positive attitude and vibe. We have learned to adapt and to find new solutions to make them feel our presence and to bring our world right into their houses, as it wasn’t possible for them to visits us, especially for those with their dream boat in construction. We managed to be virtually hand in hand with them trying to transfer the emotions and the passion we put into our work, but it hasn’t been an easy task to adapt to this “new normality”.

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