Spotlight: The explorer that can lift the equivalent of four Rolls-Royce Phantoms onto its deck

10 May 2021

No explorer worth its salt is complete without an armada of toys and tenders for exploring uninhabited islands or frozen fields, but where to keep them? Traditionally tenders are stored in the aft portion of the yacht, but for most this will mean sacrificing that all-important beach club. 

For Turquoise’s 62 metre explorer Project Nautilus the solution was to move the service area to the foredeck, which meant the design was going to need some hefty cranes. ‘Off the shelf’ options weren’t going to cut it for this ultra-modern explorer, so its designer, Luiz De Basto, decided to create his own.

Two industrial-grade cranes form part of the superstructure - they're hard to spot from a distance. Capable of lifting up to 10,000kgs each - that's the equivalent total of four Rolls Royce Phantoms - they’re perfect for an owner looking to carry a serious stash of toys to the furthest four corners of the world.