Behind the scenes: Giorgio Cassetta on designing the Spritz 102

10 August 2021· Laura Nicholls

“You just have to see it!” says designer Giorgio Cassetta. What he is referring to is the 31.1-metre Spritz 102 which he was entrusted to design by those at Alpha Custom Yachts and, by doing so, was able to push forward new design standards and give new light to the 30-40 metre market.

With the first unit of the family-friendly range having entered the water during July 2020, there is fine evidence that a semi-custom yacht can be made available within a short amount of time. As a witness to how this concept is snowballing in popularity, Laura Nicholls catches up with Cassetta to find out more about the model’s key features.

Design story

When Alpha Custom Yachts was born, founders Roberto Aboumrad and his brother, Jorge, built the boat they wanted and couldn’t find on the market. To do this, they sought the help of friend Cassetta and together, invested a lot of time and effort (1.5 years of planning to be exact) into making the Spritz 102 the sort of platform that easily sells itself. “As we go forward, clients know their time is more valuable than the resale value of a boat. They want to have what they like, especially now that smaller yachts such as those in the 30-40 metre category can be delivered within an appealing time frame,” says Cassetta.

New-age design

The team knew they were creating new design standards, and for Cassetta, that felt refreshing. “We really had to ask ourselves ‘how can we make this looks good?’ On paper, high ceilings, a short bow, long stairs and big windows aren’t elements that typically allow for a sleek profile,” he explains. And the outcome? “There has been no compromising on the functionality of this boat and design. She features a layout of a much larger model.”

Wide everything

The Spritz 102 has an interesting design, a 2.2-metre-high ceiling, huge windows and an attractive tiered aft deck with a pool and hydraulic platform – all features that nestle nicely within the yacht’s wide 8.15-metre beam. “The cabins are especially big,” comments Cassetta. “The twin rooms enjoy double closets and 1-metre-wide beds, the VIPs come with king-size beds and the owner’s apartment is nearly 40-square-metres.” The yacht’s common areas, such as the largest-in-class sundeck, flexible bar-saloon area and intimate bow seating space are, according to Cassetta “standout – simply because of the width and layout. Lounging on this yacht is incredible,” he says.


The idea for the Spritz 102 was ultimately to create a family-friendly yacht with large open spaces and a laid-back onboard experience (hence the series’ name). Everything from pressurised air conditioning, extensive refrigerators, elevated crew berths to make room for storage, floating floors, floating walls and floating ceilings has been crafted for ultimate onboard comfort. “This model has already appealed to family clients as it is somewhere they can enjoy with those they love. It invites people to come and be together.” Cassetta points out, that the sundeck can “easily seat around 50 people comfortably.” Plus, there is enough space to carry plenty of toys and her big tanks supply a range long enough to not disrupt an extensive family vacation.

Stupendous windows

“We found the perfect shape for the yacht’s superstructure to interact with the windows below. The glass for the windows is encrusted into the shell and serves those on the outside to those on the inside much differently. The windows for the cabins on the lower deck are what you would expect to see on the main deck, but because the boat is light, she has a shallow draft with the floor on the lower deck moving to become on par with the waterline – which gives a whole new element to the on-water experience,” explains Cassetta.