CEO Series: Q&A with Ferretti Group CCO and CRN Executive Board Member Stefano de Vivo

12 January 2021

The Virtual BOAT Show talks to Stefano de Vivo, Ferretti Group CCO and CRN Executive Board Member. 

What developments have taken place at CRN during the past few months?

After the end of the lockdown in Italy, the activity the Ancona shipyard has never ceased; naturally taking all the necessary precautions to ensure maximum workplace safety in compliance with the provisions of law to avoid the spread of Covid-19; this has always been our top priority. Moreover, CRN and Ferretti Group have been the first ones in the yachting industry to obtain the RINA Biosafety Trust Certification which ensures the safety of our workers, our owners and clearly of all the stakeholder linked with the shipyard or with the owners like crew, captains, surveyors.

Thanks to the commitment of the people who work every day in CRN, we delivered Voice in July. Voice is a 62-metre fully custom steel and aluminium superyacht that stands out for a strong character and bold, aerodynamic external lines. We’ve also been working on other three bespoke yachts, which are currently under construction: CRN 138, a 62-metre in steel and aluminium with sporty lines and a vocation for on-board living; CRN 139, a 72-metre in steel and aluminium with generous indoor and outdoor space and CRN 141 a 60-metre made entirely of aluminium with a low draft. Moreover, during this summer we’ve signed a contract for a new custom 52-metre full-aluminium yacht, CRN 142, a low-profile vessel with flowing lines and sporty spirit.

CRN 142

How do you think the superyacht industry will change as a result of the coronavirus pandemic?

CRN bespoke yacht owners think of their pleasure vessels as a home and therefore as a safe place; many of our owners spent a large part of the lockdown on board of their yachts, where they had the opportunity to have constant contact with the sea and to spend quality time with their family, while working.

These will be challenging times, but many possible clients who were postponing the purchase of a superyacht have approached us because they believe that a fully custom yacht is the safest and most enjoyable place to spend their time. In this sense, at CRN we are anticipating trends by redesigning the spaces onboard, as owners will increasingly use their yachts both as a place to spend personal time, living it like a home, but also as a workplace.

CRN 138

What has been CRN’s greatest challenge?

To stay true to our DNA as a bespoke shipbuilder and to continue our commitment in developing projects and building yachts that exactly respond to the client’s desiderata, transforming the owner’s vision into a custom yacht through a blend of passion, expertise, flexibility and creativity. Each new yacht is for us a challenge to create new project solutions that overcome the restrictions imposed by materials and space, where the limits are only those dictated by physics and by safety and eco-sustainability certifications.

How do you foresee CRN evolving over the next five years?

CRN has always been about bespoke projects. Flexible planning has long been intrinsic to the yard’s approach, and this aspect will only gain importance in the future. We have been investing in the past five years and we’ll be investing over the next five years on continuous improvements in our building facilities, our engineering, platforms and on what we know how to do best: make our clients’ vision come true. From a financial point of view, thanks to Ferretti Group, we are strong and healthy and all of our investments are making sure that we are fully flexible in case of downturns or upturns in the market. This grants our clients peace of mind that CRN will be here for the next 50 years, at least.

Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard Ancona – Italy

What has been the most enjoyable experience during your time as CRN Executive Board Member?

There have been many great moments shared both with my team and with our fantastic clients. The ones I would like to mention in particular is every time we have launched a yacht; looking the emotions on the faces of the CRN people and of the owners has no price. It’s for days like that that you do this job.