Top 5 facts about the world’s largest sportfisher

15 July 2021· Laura Nicholls

With news of the project emerging late last year, more details of the world’s largest sportfisher yacht have been revealed in a handful of exclusive renderings. Codenamed Project 406, the project was commissioned by an experienced owner and keen fisherman and will begin construction imminently. Here is what we know about the project so far...

Designed by Vripack

The team at Vripack have been brought in to take care of the exterior, interior design and naval architecture of the 52-metre Project 406, and will work closely with Royal Huisman. Aqua Marine is managing the build and representing the owner’s team, along with Bush & Noble and Hampshire Marine acting as technical managers.

Influencing the future of sportfisher design

Said to be a “serious step up” in sportfisher yacht design, the project has come with its own design and engineering challenges that have been solved and will pave the way for future “unique concepts” – as Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman explains: “It is well known that the Royal Huisman team likes nothing better than the opportunity to solve fresh engineering challenges.”

Features unique shape and lines

Sportfisher yachts have a recognisable design that is suited to their practical operational requirements. With a long and sweeping bow with high bulwarks and a high towered steering station, everything is suited to the fisherman and a successful catch. Project 406 has the “true” long flaring bow of a typical American sportfish boat, but has been paired with the harmonious feel of a luxurious superyacht. “It’s a supersized model with super chic curves, realised on a grand scale,” says Vripack Co-Creative Director Bart M. Bouwhuis.

Built to explore the world’s best fishing sites

Constructed entirely from aluminium, Project 406 will be seen in some of the world’s richest fishing waters such as those in the Gulf of Mexico, where prime open water fish can be found. The warm waters of South and Central America, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific rim will also be on the agenda. “Her aluminium hull and superstructure offer strength and resilience as well as the lighter weight that facilitates smooth and efficient passages from berth to fishing grounds,” says the yard.

Luxury facilities onboard

Project 406 stands out with her sky lounge that has been adapted to serve as a “theatre” for those fishing during the day, which converts into a relaxed “boutique hotel” style penthouse by night – all of which is “immaculately and extensively fitted out - both for high-end sportfishing and for luxurious living,” according to the yard.