Platinum Exhibitor

“Every brand produced by our fantastic group has a glorious story that distinguishes it and makes it a favourite worldwide. When I think of Pershing, I recall the song by Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, which speaks of entertainment, never want to stop and feeling vibrantly alive.

These are sensations that anyone who has experienced the famous “Pershing thrill” is well aware of. Because a Pershing is not driven; it is piloted, just like a fighter jet or a racing car.”

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group


Always going further means doing what others are unable to do. Only Pershing knows how to bring together luxury, performance and comfort together in one yacht. This has been the winning combination that has continued to make all the difference since 1985, when the first unmistakably Pershing yacht was created with designer Fulvio De Simoni’s intuition. It is one-of-a-kind style, worked to perfection thanks to our enduring passion, which makes us outstanding professionals and the very first lovers of our yachts. It is the same love at first sight that an owner experiences upon seeing their Pershing yacht. The thrill of finally meeting your soulmate.

Pershing expresses and evokes the very best of what makes Italy special to the world: its taste, style and savoir-faire, sense of beauty and luxury, applied creativity, as well as its search for more surprising design, more sophisticated materials and details, and more elegant furnishings. The utmost expression of performance, technology and innovation is given new life every day in the Mondolfo boatyards, where all Pershing fibreglass yachts are made, and in Ancona, where they produce masterpieces in steel and aluminium. Each one unmistakably Pershing.


A Pershing Yacht is where the delight of the sea meets the excitement of flawless performance. A creature born of science and romance. The perfect symbiosis of innovative thinking and soul-filling emotions.

Pershing’s long line of solutions and real innovations have gone down in history. Like the adoption, on all our models, of surface propeller transmission, able to guarantee the right balance of performance and consumption in any condition, gas turbines with centralised hydro jet propulsion, for over 5100 hp of power and the ingenious solution of the disappearing glass door that merges the inside with the outside in one seamlessly spectacular space. Music Hull, the revolutionary sound diffusion system that enables music to be heard even under the water level through the hull, is just another example together with the use of carbon fibre, lighter and more resistant, for mind-blowing performance.

Pershing has always been known for delivering the most powerful experience on the sea. The obsession for speed beats fast in Pershing customers as well as in anyone involved in the production of a Pershing yacht, the result of a supreme combination of aerodynamics, mechanics and materials, stemmed from state-of-the-art racing technology. From the engine to the interior decor, there is no single item on a Pershing yacht that prevents the boat from reaching the highest speed on the sea. Because a Pershing is not driven. It is piloted, just like a fighter jet or a racing car.


Even a furious predator can turn into a real pleaser. This happens onboard when sailing at the fastest speed without any noise or vibrations, feeling only the uncontaminated pleasure of the sea. And also when meeting with the Pershing beautiful and functional interior design. A perfect blend of large spaces and natural light allowing for the highest livability and the maximum comfort.

Whether it is flying on the sea at the highest speed or gently caressing the water surface, whether it is cruising towards a far destination or letting guests enjoy life on the sea, a Pershing Yacht always delivers an utmost feeling of great comfort. The wide and expandable open spaces. The full beam ambients both above and below deck. The elegant and functional, tailor-made interior decor. Only Pershing knows how to bring pleasure, performance and comfort together in one yacht. And this is the real luxury. Not having to choose between adrenaline, fun and bliss, but feeling it all.