What's inside the brand-new 73m Feadship superyacht

8 June 2021

On board one of Feadship’s latest 72.85-metre new builds is a dedicated, port and starboard stabiliser room.  Inside, is the hull unit, HPU and controls for the yacht's XT™ Fin stabiliser system by Quantum.

Coming in at 1,850 GT, the new 72.85-metre yacht carries four decks and impressive interior spaces and so, it is understandable her experienced owner and build team wanted to make stabilisers a priority. 

As a result, the owner commissioned the Florida-based company Quantum to fit her with one of the best stabilisers on the market and have her join the 85% of 50-metre-plus superyachts using Quantum stabilisers.

As the market leader for fin stabilisers on yachts over 55 metres, Quantum Stabilizers are best known for its patented XT (extendable) fin system, MAGLift rotor (fitted on the 162.5-metre Eclipse) and the newest patent: Dyna-Foil. On board the 73-metre Feadship is Quantum’s most popular XT™ Fin stabiliser specifically designed to add more fin area at zero speed through an extendable foil and retracting the foil underway to reduce a yacht's drag..

 All this can be seen in Quantum’s behind-the-scenes video on board the 73-metre Feadship – including the system’s quality fittings, piping, paint, fit and finish.

For new equipment and depending on the size of the yacht and the system, Quantum charges from $300,000 up to $5.5m for 50-metre to 200-metre yachts.