Meet one of the industry’s best customer service teams

9 June 2021

Knowing that today, stabilisers are a necessity and no longer a luxury for a superyacht, Quantum has perfected its game when it comes to customer service. Hearing directly from some of the company’s key players in a recent video, BOAT International finds out how Quantum has gained a level of customer service that is known and respected throughout the world.

Though there may be cheaper brands on the market, the ongoing global support offered by Quantum is invaluable. Many also acknowledge that a Quantum system adds value to a vessel.

By offering systems that come with a long list of benefits, Quantum has had to ensure that all bases are covered when it comes to technical and mechanical support. The company’s team of technicians have some of the most advanced knowledge in the business and can assist with servicing everything from parts and components, pressure filters, oil conditions, suppressors, return filters and hydraulic systems to ensure the stabilisers are operating properly.

Amid all of the travel restrictions, Quantum has been able to expand its existing Remote Access Services. Not only is the time to troubleshoot and resolve an issue greatly reduced, but the recognition of how important cyber security is means that the network is strictly safe. A vessel must grant Quantum permission to access remotely then, upon approval, Quantum is able to dial into the stabiliser system through a secure and dedicated server.

This responsiveness, competency and professionalism are what has played a major role in developing the revered Quantum brand.