13 August 2020

The MAGLift™ Rotor is one of three stabilisation systems offered by Quantum, alongside the XT™ Fin Stabilizer and Dyna-Foil™.  Quantum’s team of marine engineers, naval architects and hydraulic system designers understood that a motion control solution for low speed stabilization required a paradigm shift from the traditional fin stabilizer working principle for design and active stabilizer technology.

Based on the “Magnus Effect,” Quantum’s patented MAGLift™ design uses hydraulic power to deploy and rotate composite cylinders as directed by the SMC 4000 stabilizer control unit. It is a phenomenon whereby a rotating cylinder creates lift proportional to the speed and direction of the rotation. Lift generates stability.

This advanced technology provides roll reduction at anchor, and at lower speeds, up to 16 knots. It is fully retractable, to eliminate drag for higher speeds making it superior to traditional fin stabilizers.

The MAGLift™ rotor has the highest lift to weight characteristics and the smallest interior footprint. It is perfect for slow/loitering and zero speed applications.  With the rotors being completely retractable underway, it is ideal for Ice Class or high-speed vessels to where drag is a concern.

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