Owner’s story: How I refitted my 50m Westport superyacht

22 September 2021

When the owner of a 50-metre Westport decided to upgrade the yacht’s stabiliser system, lack of space was an issue.

At first, the owner was recommended to modify the hull in order to fit an upgraded zero-speed system to the existing 2-fin Naiad System with no zero speed. However, having sought the expertise of Quantum, the owner was instead offered an XT™ Conversion, meaning the owner could retain the 2-fin system and still achieve zero speed performance.

But, Quantum found that the limited space in the engine room presented a challenge for integrating the hydraulic power unit and associated components. An even bigger challenge was the limited space available in the staterooms for the integration of the new XT™ hull units.

Quickly finding a solution, Quantum customised the hull units with reduced height and shorter length housing. Most of the existing pipework was able to be reused. The XT™ power unit was disassembled to allow the electrical box and hydraulic oil tank to be mounted separately on the port forward bulkhead. Due to space limitations, the hydraulic power unit was modified to a single 50hp power unit and reduced to 33” x 21” in size.

Then, SMC4000 Control roll sensors were mounted in the engine room to minimise the interconnecting cables to the bridge and ensuring that only one CAT5 cable and power supply were required. Both the XT™ power unit and main power unit were connected to the SMC4000 via ethernet to allow for the entire system to be accessed remotely when necessary. The remote access also allows for easy software upgrades and system adjustments at a fraction of the cost of sending a technician to the vessel.

Today the owner and crew members are thrilled with the performance of the new system, with the Captain reporting that it takes only two rolls for the zero speeds to take effect.

The ability to reuse much of the existing infrastructure from the original fin system, led to substantial savings in the overall project. In the end, the XT™ Conversion dramatically improved the stability of the boat, added noticeable comfort to all passengers and increased the salability and resale value of the vessel.