Video: Captain Clark on building the 80m superyacht Artefact

3 September 2021

After a year at sea, the 80-metre superacht Artefact is still turning heads. What makes her stand out from the crowd is not only her shapely superstructure and abundance of glass panelling, but her hybrid performance system and remarkable capabilities. 

While at sea, Artefact's captain, Aaron Clark, is able to switch power from two small generators to batteries to keep moving silently and steadily. Artefact is equipped with a diesel-electric system with a DC bus (a direct-current-based diesel-electric system, also known as a DC Grid) that integrates lithium batteries, Azipods and a full dynamic positioning system. 

She is also kitted out with the latest and most popular  XT™ Fin from Quantum Stabilizer Systems, a company who Captain Aaron Clark has had the pleasure of collaborating with for multiple yacht projects. Here, he shares his experience and how he found the “ideal” stabiliser system during the early planning and design phase for the esteemed Artefact.