XT Fin

13 August 2020

Quantum’s patented XT™ Fin is the most popular system to date. The main stabiliser fin houses another fin or “foil,” designed to extend or retract based on the speed of the vessel.  To maximize the performance at zero speed, the foil is extended, providing 30% more surface area, while generating 100% more lift force.  To maximize the performance underway, the foil is retracted, reducing the surface area and the corresponding drag.  Standard fins are frequently converted to XT™ Fins.

In some instances, a single pair of XT™ Fins can provide the equivalent performance to two pairs of conventional fin stabilisers, reducing cost and equipment footprint while attaining similar roll reduction onboard. This results in a more comfortable experience on yachts and better operational readiness on military vessels, with less equipment to maintain.

Nearly all of Quantum’s stabiliser models can be upgraded to an XT™ Fin with the conversion of some component parts and minimal structural modification.

For more infomation, visit https://quantumstabilizers.com/products/xt-fin-ship-stabilizers/.