Inside the refit of 70m Benetti superyacht Freedom

23 November 2020

While a large portion of refit work on superyachts is surface level – from interior redesign to a newly painted hull – keeping a yacht in top shape also requires assessing and replacing her hardware and tech. 

In the case of 70 metre Freedom, this meant ensuring that she was outfitted with brand new stabilisers to keep her steady at sea.

Originally delivered by Italian shipyard Benetti in 2001, Freedom was checked into a dry dock back in 2019 to be worked on by the refit team at Quantum Marine Stabilizers. Under the watchful eye of her manager, Craig Tafoya, the 12-month project was completed in July 2020 and saw Freedom emerge, ready to take on the waves, with a brand new stabilisation system in place.

Designed by Stefano Natucci with interior styling by John Munford, Freedom can accommodate up to 18 guests and as many as 25 members of crew on board. Highlights on board include two deck Jacuzzis, a Turkish spa combined with a massage room and beauty parlour, and a formal dining room centred around an elegant, 12-seater table.

During her refit, 70m Freedom had new Quantum Marine Stabilisers installed.

With all of these luxury amenities to enjoy on board, it was important that the experience for owners and charter guests was as comfortable as possible – so a sturdy stabilisation system was an absolute must to help reduce rolling when at sea.

After undergoing her refit period on the Floridian coast, Freedom is now the first superyacht to be installed with the patented, fully retractable Dyna-Foil System. To get into the technicalities of how superyacht stabilisers work, the Dyna-Foil technology from Quantum Marine Stabilizers features a high aspect, articulating foil that maximizes roll reduction, whether underway or at zero speed.

Quantum Marine Stabilizers is based in Fort Lauderdale, US

At zero speed, the swinging motion creates flow over the foil and therefore lift for optimal stabilisation. While underway, the foil arm can be fully extended with minimal drag or retracted. Ideal for vessels with space limitations, the Dyna-Foil system is a fixed fin to fit system within the hull’s envelope and Ice Class applications.

“After years of development and model testing, it is incredibly exciting for us to see an actual system perform in various sea conditions,” said president & CEO of Quantum Marine Stabilizers John Allen. “We were thrilled with the results from the first sea trial, surpassing the calculations and expectations that we had from the model testing."

The Dyna-Foil system is fully retractable.

In order to refit Freedom with the Dyna-Foil stabiliser system, the the original Fincantieri stabilisers had to first be removed. Fortunately, the original hydraulic power unit was the same size as the new stabilisers, yet the new unit delivers three times the power which is used to run the stabilisers at zero speed. The system also includes the latest SMC4000 controller representing major advancements in capabilities, options and alerts for those on board.

Having now undergone her refit, Freedom is ready to cruise through whatever seas her journeys require, keeping her guests perfectly in balance along the way.