L’Albatros completes Palumbo refit in Naples

23 November 2020

The 43.6 metre Sterling motor yacht L’Albatros checked into Palumbo Superyachts Refit in Naples this Autumn for a few touch-ups ahead of the winter cruising season.

Spanning four decks, there's plenty of room for guests to kick back and relax on board the classic L'Albatros, from her luxurious guest quarters, adorned in Brazilian hardwoods and Italian marbles, to her sundeck Jacuzzi and al fresco dining areas. But, when it comes to maintaining a yacht of this calibre, what lies below the waterline demands just as much attention as her glamorous upper half. For the ocean-transiting L’Albatros, a key component to keeping her in prime condition was maintaining her hull.

Treating the hull, in particular the area below the waterline, with antifouling is an important task that enhances a superyacht’s seagoing performance. Antifouling ensures that the hull is smooth and barnacle free, which can increase speed as well as reduce the risk of introducing invasive species from one cruising area to another.

Undergoing work at Palumbo's dry dock.

Though it may seem like a straightforward procedure, antifouling the hull requires specialist skills from experienced professionals, from hauling and transferring the yacht on the hard, to performing the hull service and finally re-launching. The procedure can be costly, but when done right, ultimately pays for itself in the long run.

Palumbo Superyachts Refit shipyard in Naples had just the right people on site to take on a task. After dry-docking L’Albatros and applying the antifouling, the experts at Palumbo also inspected the hull with a thorough examination for any marine organisms blocking water intakes in order to prevent engine overheating.

While interior features may be the star of the show, it is also crucial to maintain the parts of a superyacht not normally seen by guests.

The service will ensure a smooth hull for L’Albatros that will increase her speed as she ploughs through the waves and in turn reduce fuel consumption.

Since being delivered by Sterling Yachts in 1985, L’Albatros has undergone full refurbishments to provide her with the latest equipment while staying true to her original character. Her most recent maintenance project at Palumbo shipyard in Naples successfully restored her hull to optimum condition and ensured that her next cruising season on the water would be smooth sailing.