Haute cuisine: How to upgrade your galley with STEININGER

Find out how STEININGER's bespoke kitchen units can transform a humble galley into a masterful work of art.

With minimalism and clean lines at the heart of its design ethos, STEININGER is quickly building a reputation for its ultra-chic custom-made kitchen units. In a six-piece collection, there are two unique items stand out - an indoor origami-style island called FOLD and an outdoor kitchen unit called ROCK.AIR. A closer look at these and it's not hard to see why the designer is garnering so much attention. 

FOLD is the bespoke kitchen island designed by STEININGER, a creation that seamlessly binds technical sophistication with sculptural design to make the central point of your kitchen a sleek and enviable one. 

The award-winning island has a cubistic surface made in tombac, a golden and shimmering brass finish, with a brand new Black Edition covered in a special brass alloy for more versatility. 

The intention behind FOLD was to create a simple island in appearance that's highly functional with innovative features. It's an island that works with modern-day kitchens, where cooking isn't the sole purpose, but rather where guests gather for drinks and to socialise. 

The design goes beyond the aesthetic as the island's surfaces are easy to clean, hygienic and odourless and are immune to temperature differences. It features an intuitive M.POD control panel to make it easy to control all kitchen functions, while draws and moveable surfaces sit flush when not in use and the hob cover serves as a table when extended.

ROCK.AIR is the FOLD's outdoor counterpart. Described as a 'kitchen archipelago' it's an outdoor unit that's the latest iteration of the award-winning Rock kitchen unit by STEININGER. ROCK.AIR is unlike any other outdoor kitchen, comprising of six individual units each serving a different function including a gas barbecue or lava grill, sink and dishwasher, fridge/freezer element with an ice maker, storage space and burner.

The hard-wearing material used on the exterior of ROCK.AIR is resistant to all weather conditions. The high-tech materials of ROCK.AIR can withstand temperatures below the freezing point. 

In-keeping with STEININGER's house style, each unit is encased in a slide-off top as it all comes together in one flush, minimal shell that looks incredibly smart. 

To find out more about STEININGER designs, visit their exhibitor page here