Triton Submarines
Platinum Exhibitor

Welcome to Triton Submarines, the submersible supplier of choice for the world’s most discerning yacht owners, intrepid explorers, leading marine research institutes and documentary film producers.

In 2019 Triton Owners tagged sixgill sharks, revisited the RMS Titanic, discovered over 40 new species, dived beneath spectacular icebergs, explored wrecks, salvaged equipment 7-miles deep and filmed remarkable documentaries that were watched worldwide. Where can we take you in 2020?

The Triton Team form the most knowledgeable and experienced pool of civil submersible expertise on Earth, as most recently demonstrated when we designed, built and operated the first vehicle in the history of mankind to provide repeatable access to the entirety of our planet’s oceans. Our talent pool is deep, so dive in and let us facilitate your adventure.

From the lightest and most compact two-person sports subs on the market – which can integrate with sub-500GT platforms - through to the only single-sphere seven-person ‘sub aquatic salon’ for megayachts, Triton’s extensive range ensures there’s a model to suit all requirements.

Proprietary acrylic technology ensures Triton produce not only the largest but also the clearest and most optically perfect pressure hulls available in the world today. Clarity and transparency, both literally and figuratively, are the foundation of our philosophy.

Explore the ocean. Experience Triton.

Exhibitor Vessels

Triton SPII Submersible

200 m depth |  2500 kg dry weight |  2 passengers

Triton 1650/3 LP

500 m depth |  4000 kg dry weight |  3 passengers

Triton 1650/7 Configurable

500 m depth |  11000 kg dry weight |  7 passengers

Triton 3300/3 MKII

1000 m depth |  8000 kg dry weight |  3 passengers

Triton 3300/6 submersible

1000 m depth |  11000 kg dry weight |  6 passengers

Triton 7500/3

2286 m depth |  11200 kg dry weight |  3 passengers


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