Entertainment by Design: The Secrets Behind Here Comes The Sun's Unique Bar Cabinet

Onboard entertaining is serious business. For the beach club of 83 metre Amels motor yacht Here Comes The Sun,  Winch Design penned an impressive boat-shaped bar cabinet, which was engineered, crafted and manufactured by Vedder's team of specialists.

Bringing the design to life was no small feat. The original design required a boat-shaped frame covered with oak planking. Vedder developed an ingenious method of installing veneer that optimised the finished cabinet‘s construction and stability instead. CNC milling technology was used to manufacture a rigid foam core, which was installed to provide a superior substructure for the precisely fitted oak veneer. When constructing a piece of furniture such as this, every detail needs to be precise and every measurement must be accurate to the millimetre.

From the external design applied over the body shell and the construction of all built-in elements, through to the cutting and installation of natural stone slabs, the lighting elements and the final installation on deck - every process required extreme precision and a lot of experience.

In order to achieve perfection, Vedder's team of artisans and skilled craftsmen marry traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to work the finest materials from all over the world and create unique objects to match the brief. As a general contractor, Vedder plans every step efficiently in order to meet each projects’ timeframes and needs - which as any owner keen to step on board knows, is simply crucial.

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