Videoworks reveals its latest onboard technology solution

31 January 2021

When it comes to onboard technology, Videoworks knows a thing or two about what works (and what doesn’t). With 20 years of expertise and over 700 projects in the portfolio, from private residences to superyachts, Videoworks is the leader in the installation of audio-visual tech and has revealed its latest solution set to simplify systems on board.

The Key Core Solution is an ultra-slim, centralised rack that allows owners and crew to control both the entertainment and information systems on board from a single technical space. Catering to yachts and superyachts up to 50 metres in length, the Key Core Solution comprises the entirety of the vessel’s AV and IT systems in one easy-to-use framework.

Consolidating the controls into a single system offers space savings of up to 40 per cent - compared to a non-centralised configuration - allowing owners to eliminate local racks and excess wiring from cabins, leaving more space for guests. The only hardware needed throughout the accommodation would be TV screens, speakers and access points for WiFi which can be concealed in the cabinetry.

The Key Core Solution is also quick to install and maintenance work is less invasive with audio-visual management confined to just one area of the yacht; servicing or technical issues can be resolved with minimal impact to onboard life.

It also works in tandem with the Videoworks MyInfo 3.0 app where owners and crew can manage entertainment systems, lighting and temperature control and access security cameras at the touch of a button, from a smartphone, tablet, or from any Smart TV on board.

Other benefits of the Key Core Solution include 25 per cent less energy consumption compared to a standard system, a simple way to integrate greener technology on board, and emits 30 per cent less heat for maximum safety.

The Key Core Solution is the product of years of experience working in the yachting industry which is what distinguishes Videoworks as the AV company of choice for shipbuilders and owners alike. Videoworks is the first international system integrator for yachting to have obtained a Lloyd's Register Capability Level 4 (Optimised) certification for the security of its onboard systems, which is an appealing option for owners as cybersecurity becomes a growing concern in the digital world.