Severin°s: On board the yacht with a 4k LED wall in the beach club

21 April 2021

Spending time in the water may be the primary occupation of superyacht guests, but sometimes the weather or waves won’t oblige. This is where advanced technology can enhance the onboard experience. From providing atmospheric lighting and sounds to backdrop a spectacular party, to offering cinematic experiences under the stars, the integrated technology on board 55 metre Severin°s is a perfect showcase of how audio-visual gadgets can subtly elevate a superyacht.

Designed and realised by Italian company Videoworks, the technologies are so seamless that they could well be overlooked. For the benefit of owners planning refits or upgrades, or even those scouring the market for a new yacht, we delve into the details of this exemplary project by Videoworks.

Severin°s, styled inside and out by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini, is defined by its ample deck space which left plenty of room for Videoworks to collaborate with. The sun deck offers as many as 150 square metres of socialising space, encompassing a large sunbathing area to the stern, a swimming pool and a bar.

These features have been complemented by Videoworks’ installation of a 55-inch, outdoor television screen which offers crystal-clear 4K resolution as well as a unique 180-degree rotation. Guests can watch therefore movies or sports games from either the lounge or during a dip in the pool – perfect for an atmospheric al fresco evening on board. When not in use, the screen magically disappears, folding back into furniture via a sleek iPad controller. This iPad also manages options for the cinema hall on the upper deck. Equipped with an impressive 90-inch screen and a Sony 4K projector, it’s the perfect spot to get absorbed in film.

A third screen for other visual entertainment can be found in Severin°s beach club. Shaded from the harsh sun and outfitted with plush lounge chairs, this is the perfect place to dry off after water sports or cooling down after exploring on shore. While doing so, guests will be entertained by the impressive LED wall made up of six square metres of LG smart display screens with cinematic 4K resolution.

Aside from the entertainment aspects, Videoworks also contributed to the more practical tech elements needed on board Severin°s.

Connection to the world even at sea was vital for Severin°s owners, so Videoworks ensured that all IT and WI-FI infrastructure was advanced and reliable, but subtly integrated.

Made entirely with hardware by CISCO, the main electronics are installed in three two-metre-tall cabinets with 42 rack units each that elegantly conceal the necessary wiring and devices. The AV integrated system is managed through a Crestron CPU and controlled via a Videoworks iPad interface.

Security is also a vital component to consider when installing superyacht tech. Using state-of-the-art Panasonic products, Videoworks has installed a suite of CCTV items which includes eight high-resolution IP cameras, dual control stations with ASM200 software and a network recorder that can archive videos in a fully encrypted form.

Barely perceptible yet completely necessary, Videoworks' custom-designed technology is displayed at its best on board Severin°s.