Choose one of these high-tech roofs for your next tender

10 September 2021

To stay one step ahead of the demands of the market, Vikal has not only created semi-production and custom electric hybrid tenders, but has upped its offerings in customisable engineering.

The main focus of Vikal’s engineering team has recently been the company’s actuation systems, which have been developed in a way that provides tender drivers, owners and clients more choice in truly fit-for-purpose vessels. This development has allowed for users to enjoy more onboard space and a more aesthetically pleasing design – all of which can be seen in the following systems now available:

Pentograph retracting roof 

The 8-metre SP Rib was designed with a unique folding Bimini top that can both retract for stowage and give those onboard alternating shade throughout the day. The Bimini can stay in any position safely while the craft is being driven.

Limousine actuated roof

Vikal offers limousine tenders with special roof arrangements that allow greater headroom and better cross-flow of air in transit. The tender envelope is kept to a minimum whilst stowed in the garage.

Convertible roof

Driven by a client request, Vikal invented a comprehensive solution for a convertible roof formed of carbon panels hydraulic actuation and titanium alloy substructure. The solution was built in 18 months after significant R&D.

Also on offer is Vikal’s trendsetting bow door, which works via a multi-stage hinge and seal system in either linear actuated or hydraulic arrangement. To complement any tender, the firm’s hydraulic legs for tender chock systems have been optimised to provide users with more convenient use of tender garage space. The hydraulic rams are made in 316 SS and driven by an onboard DC hydraulic power pack and can deploy or retract the legs in a matter of minutes.