Silver Exhibitor


Vripack Creative Directors Bart M. Bouwhuis and Marnix J. Hoekstra share their passion for yachting and creating yachts that make each owner feel at home, at sea.

From the moment it threw open its doors in 1961, Vripack studio’s approach to design has been governed by the playful interaction of form and function, intuition and intelligence, and balance and performance. With decades of experience at our disposal and a portfolio that represents over 7,400 designs, we’ve been able to craft some of the finest, safest, most durable, most comfortable, and most beautiful yachts ever made.

No one understands more clearly that a yacht is a finely balanced combination of elements and it is this holistic approach and our ability to get the balance right time and time again that allows us to produce yachts that our clients find so satisfying to use in every way.

The emphasis on placing the client’s needs and satisfaction at the heart of our designs is essentially the secret of Vripack’s success. The spirit of adventure embodied by the physical reality of our yachts comes into being at the very start of the process of creation. And it is very much a collaborative process between us and our clients, whose needs are aspirations we translate into yachts that appeal to the heart, mind and senses in equal measure, offer light-filled, elegant and comfortable spaces, and are ready to take to the sea in any direction.

It is with genuine gratitude that we accept each commission, for each is an opportunity to play a role in somebody else’s dream of sailing the world and feeling at home at sea.