Future-proof: Introducing the Futura concept by Vripack

4 May 2021

With sustainability at the fore, Futura is slender, efficient and a third of the height of a comparable 66 metre yacht. Her flowing, curvaceous lines denote an elegant femininity that draws from shapes found in nature. A cocoon-like glass superstructure resembles the silhouette of a whale. Exceptionally lightweight, it uses rhombus-shaped framing similar to the scales of a fish.

Breaking the mould

Designed as a ‘split and merge’ concept, Futura moves away from a traditional deck setup. The result is a loft-style, split mezzanine configuration that intertwines and interconnects – outside as well as in, upstairs as well as down, all through diagonal side-lines. Modular furniture means each space is versatile too. A 30-person dining table makes a bold invite to entertain, as does a DJ booth set up in the upper deck observation area.

“The statement piece is a big crystal palace of glass, which is set neatly on top of the hull so you can see everything on the boat. In practice, this means that everybody on Futura can be doing their own thing, but you’ve still got this consciousness of where your family and friends are,” said co-creative director Bart Bouwhuis.

Conscious cruising

Capable of holding 100,000 litres of fuel, Futura is an electric/diesel hybrid with a difference. Designed to run on biofuel made from waste food, it also possesses revolutionary bio-based batteries made from salt, sand, water and plants. Charged by an enormous kite on an electric winch that can be released at the touch of a button, the battery bank itself is 100% biodegradable.

Designer, Robin de Vries, added: “What Futura offers owners is choice. By approaching sustainability as a design challenge, we’re not waiting for owners to request this technology, we’re presenting them with a concept based on sustainable solutions that currently exist. The answers are out there, the supply is out there, owners just need to want it.”