Home from home: Inside the refit of super explorer RH3

16 February 2021

It’s hard to resist falling in love with a yacht, and as the saying goes, true love never dies. The owner of RH3 had to wait more than a decade after falling in love with her before he could become her proud owner. And the owner was, by this point, ready to discover the world with his partner and two young kids and experience the sort adventures he’d heard others talk about. His RH3, having already crossed the Atlantic Ocean no less than sixteen times, was certainly fit for purpose. 

The owner wanted his boat to arouse the same emotions as their home, and what better way to achieve this than to pair the famed Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, that designed his house with the Vripack studio, that designed the yacht.

"The collaboration between Vripack and Vincent van Duysen brought out the best in both teams. It resulted in the delivery of a highly liveable yacht that could retain this quality whatever the season, wherever in the world," said fleet manager Joost Mertens.

The team set out to create a luxurious yet comfortable interior with a fresh, modern and warm character, a marked change from the original dark-stained all-wood interior, which had been appropriate for the time in which it was built but was now reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club. Van Duysen was able to keep most of the original woodwork, augmenting it with bleached and brushed European oak with white lacquered panelling. The bathrooms were upgraded with Carrara marble and brushed stainless steel, and the beds, chairs, and sofas were clad in natural leather, cotton rope fabric, and Belgian linen. The resulting atmosphere feels timeless.

“The aim was to create a luxurious yet comfortable interior, with a focus on a clean and refined result. It was important that we delivered a yacht with spaces, such as the dining room, that can be lived in, in all seasons and all locations worldwide,” added Mertens.

RH3 is geared entirely toward the seamless interplay of mind, body, and nature: being active, getting up early, working out, going for a swim then hiking or biking. Achieving mental and spiritual equilibrium on board a yacht requires mindfulness. On RH3, that involves relaxing and taking in the view from one of the two chairs on the observation deck. After all, falling in love is one thing, but staying in love for a lifetime is a lot easier when the object of love renders your life so carefree. "I didn't know how my partner and kids would react once the yacht was ready, but they jumped on the sofas and immediately felt at home," said the owner of RH3

RH3 was originally designed by Vripack and built by RMK Marine in 2003. She crossed the Atlantic Ocean no less than 16 times during her first decade.

Room with a view

An expedition yacht at heart, RH3 has travelled to remarkable destinations, and from the comfort of the two observation deck chairs, has shown the owner and his guests’ extraordinary sights around the world.

Live the adventure

RH3 was designed by Vripack to take guests to the furthest corners of the world. The owner, his partner and two young kids were ready to discover the world and live the adventures others talk about.


A timeless atmosphere was created by using bleached and brushed European Oak, which provides a warm and contemporary feel.

Beauty within balance

The new owner wanted the aft to be transformed into a large bathing platform. In wanting all proportions of the sturdy exterior profile to stay balanced, a large carbon fibre extension was added to the upper deck and a lounge space forward of the bridge.

RH3 is all about being one with nature, mind, and body. Being active, getting up early, doing a workout, going for a swim and then hiking or biking.