Carlisle & Finch has pioneered every searchlight innovation over the last century

The Yacht Group CFx - the exclusive worldwide distributor for the yachting market

Founded in 1894, The Carlisle & Finch Co. invented the first Carbon Arc Searchlight

In the 1960’s, The Carlisle & Finch Co. pioneered Xenon Arc Searchlight Technology, and the Company’s products remain to this day, the standard of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, US Corps of engineers, U.S. Federal Prison System and on thousands of commercial and military boats the world over.

These products include searchlights of up to 177 million candlepower with over 18 mile range, with focusing beams, non-lethal strobes, integrated thermal image cameras, LED “wall of light” plus much more. “Polar Class” built in heaters and inverted mounts are just a few more custom features for the discriminating yacht owner, and finishes are in sparkling chrome or custom color powder coatings. CFx controls can be stand alone joysticks, “ smart view” multiple joystick control or incorporated directly into a glass bridge. We provide sales and service world wide with offices in the USA and Europe.

With a Carlisle and Finch searchlight on board you have the assurance of the very best equipment afloat for night operation, the US Military forces count on it and you can as well.

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