Yacht Controller: The inventor of wireless control of yachts more than 20 years ago

Yacht Controller, precision wireless control for yachts now installed on more than 18,000 vessels and 300 brands of yachts. Proven to improve the boating experience by eliminating the strain and stress of docking whether you are an owner operator or a superyacht captain, yacht controller makes it easier and safer!

Using our 10th generation dual band advanced technology, with controls designed by Porsche, you can be certain of the exact movement of your yacht within inches, maneuvering it perfectly even in the tightest of all situations, without concern of outside electrical interference.  The Yacht Controller completely waterproof system uses the finest materials available with advanced technology for reliability and durability including an IP 68 submersible remote transmitter.

Easy to install on every boat with or without electronic controls and supported by ZF, Aventics, Volvo and Glendinning among other electronic control companies, with plug and play interfaces for all control and thruster systems.

Supported by worldwide sales and service network and a 20 year solid and growing customer base of builders, brokers, integrators, dealers and retail clients.

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