New Zealand yachting industry reacts to America’s Cup win

27 June 2017• Written by Chris Jefferies

The news of Emirates Team New Zealand winning the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda yesterday (June 26) has been warmly welcomed by the yachting industry back home.

Ian Cook, vice-commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and co-owner of Yachting Developments, said: “Firstly, we are super proud of Emirates Team New Zealand and are now going to prepare to have the world spotlight back on New Zealand and our incredible marine industry. For today though, it is all about the win and the team, we will consider the future tomorrow.”

New Zealand is expected to host the 36th America's Cup in Auckland. All photos: ACEA / Ricardo Pinto

Peter Batcheler, general manager of Southern Spars added: “This is a big win for New Zealand. The positive implications of the America’s Cup being bought back to New Zealand extend far beyond the team themselves and for Southern Spars.

“It is a very big deal for the wider marine industry and for the country as a whole. It brings the country into focus as a destination for people all over the world, whether they are looking to have a boat built, or somewhere to come for a holiday to watch the event at some time in the next few years.”

Sir Bob Harvey, former chair of Waterfront Auckland who provided the team with a base on the viaduct after the 2013 defeat, was quick to congratulate the team on their victory.

"We felt truly committed to Grant Dalton and his extraordinary endeavours. He is an inspiration and a great New Zealander. It’s his leadership and commitment that has paid dividends for this nation by bringing the America’s Cup back to New Zealand.”

Emirates Team New Zealand team members celebrate on board Aotearoa

The economic impact of Emirates Team New Zealand winning the America’s Cup will be significant for the country’s economy, with Peter Busfield, CEO of NZ Marine, estimating that the local marine industry could receive a boost of “up to $500m over the next few years”.

Meanwhile, yesterday's result prompted Circolo della Vela Sicilia to officially submit its challenge for the 36th America’s Cup, meaning that Luna Rossa Challenge will be the Challenger of Record.

Additional reporting by Linda Berry

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