The best electric tenders for your superyacht

Alternative propulsion systems are all the rage, with many eco-trendsetting superyachts cruising the high seas, why should your tender be any different? BOAT picks out the best electric superyacht tenders on the market...

Quadrofoil Q2S

Ideal for those with a taste for wild superyacht concepts, the Quadrofoil Q2S is a radical design hailing from Slovenia. Launched in 2015, this compact three-metre tender can only hold one passenger. However, its four submerged foils create a ship-to-shore experience like no other, allowing guests to glide above the waves at speed of up to 21 knots. With a super-light, hollow hull that weighs in at just 100kgs, the Quadrofoil Q2S only needs a tiny 7.4hp electric outboard to get up to speed. This means the 10.4kwh battery bank can deliver an impressive cruising range of up to 62 miles per charge.