7 of our favourite Heesen superyachts

Galactica Super Nova

The largest Heesen superyacht to date

Heesen Yachts has launched more than 100 custom superyachts since it was founded in 1978. Over the years it has delivered aluminium built semi-displacement yachts and steel hulled displacement yachts.

More recently, Heesen has developed a series of ‘Fast Displacement’ superyachts, that have higher speeds and greater fuel efficiency than the traditional luxury yacht. The most recent Fast Displacement yacht to be launched by Heesen is also its largest: Galactica Super Nova.

Galactica Super Nova is expected to hit at least 30 knots in her upcoming speed trials, and will have a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. Built for a repeat client, this Heesen yacht has an infinity pool with jet stream for lap swimming, a waterfall and a helideck that turns into an outdoor cinema.

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Galactica Star

Heesen's multiple award winning superyacht

The multiple award winning Galactica Star was launched by Heesen in 2013. She combines sleek lines and an innovative hull, and also features a massive beach club.

The glamorous superyacht, which has previously been chartered Beyoncé and Jay Z, picked up the prize for the best semi-displacement yacht over 50 metres at the 2014  World Superyacht Awards.

At 65 metres_, Galactica Star_ is the largest yacht to be launched by Heesen to date. However, Heesen will launch the 70 metre yacht Project Kometa later this year.

Picture courtesy of Jeff Brown

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Heesen Yachts   65 m •   2013

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Heesen Yachts   65 m •   12 guests • Price from $462,000 p/w


The record breaker

In the 1980’s, superyacht owner John Staluppi was looking for a boat that could do over 50 knots, so he entered into a deal with Heesen.

"The boat has to do over 50 knots,” said Staluppi to Frans Heesen. “If it does under 50 knots I don’t have to take the boat. If the boat does 51 knots or more, for every knot over 51 knots we would pay a $200,000 bonus."

Octopussy did 53 knots, and in doing so became the fastest superyacht in the world at the time. The 43.6 metre yacht  has now had a refit and is no longer capable of the same top speed.

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Heesen Yachts   43.59 m •   1988


The first of her kind

Azamanta became one of a kind when she was launched in 2015 as the first fast displacement steel-hulled yacht over 50 metres.

The previous fast displacement yachts, such as Galactica Star, were built entirely from aluminium, but Heesen had a new challenge with Azamanta.  The owner wanted to be able to travel the world, and so the 55 metre Azamanta has an ice-reinforced steel hull.

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Heesen Yachts   55 m •   2015

Project Nova

The ultra silent 50 metre

Project Nova won't be launched until 2017, but it has already raised eyebrows thanks to its innovative hybrid propulsion system.

The hull and superstructure were joined on 50 metre Project Nova in January 2016. Heesen has paid particular attention to efficiency and weight control and also made silence a priority.

In hybrid mode, the sound level in the owner's suite will be just 46 decibels — the sound of light rain.

Ann G

From semi-custom king back to its custom roots

The five year design process for Ann G took Heesen away from its success in the semi-custom market and back to the world of custom superyachts.

The 50 metre Ann G was the result of a fully custom project that made her one of the stand out yachts of 2015 and a finalist at the 2016 World Superyacht Awards for Displacement Motor Yachts Below 500GT of 47m and Above.

The broker who was involved said the owner's brief was for "a unique yacht that stands out from other yachts of its size and has a real identity".

She was filmed on sea trials following her launch in summer 2015.

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Heesen Yachts   49.6 m •   2015

My Secret

The 47m Heesen with a difference

Midway through the build, under the name Project California, Heesen had to decide whether to scrap the build or finish it on speculation. They decided to finish her — and did so 'with extraordinarily high standards'.

Heesen teamed up with designers Bannenberg & Rowell on the build of 47 metre My Secret and together they left no stone unturned, investing time and effort in every painstaking detail. And the risk of building on speculation paid off.

"When someone buys a yacht like this they want to buy into a dream," said designer Simon Rowell, "So that’s what you need to create".

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Heesen Yachts   46.7 m •   2012

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Heesen Yachts   46.7 m •  12 guests •  €24,760,000

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