The Best Photos of Sailing Yacht A
Sailing Yacht A spotted off the coast of Brela, Croatia
_Credit: Emil Micael Elvkvist_

Sailing Yacht A was built for Russian yacht owner Andrey Melnichenko and has garnered much attention for her unique form, sheer size and well-known owner.  The boundary pushing Sailing Yacht A is a natural head turner. We take a look at the best photos of Sailing Yacht A from around the world..

Sailing Yacht A anchored off the Cap d'Antibes,
_Image courtesy of Raphael Montigneaux_

This summer season Sailing Yacht A has been spotted off the coast of Antibes, France.

Sailing Yacht A with Olivia O in Antibes
_Image courtesy of Julien Hubert_

Built at German yard NobiskrugSailing Yacht A has been stalked by yacht geeks and mainstream media alike, and the constant coverage has produced some amazing photos.

Here, Sailing Yacht A is pictured alongside the 88.5 metre Ulstein Verft explorer Olivia O in Antibes.

Sailing Yacht A on the French Riviera
_Image courtesy of Julien Hubert_

Here, Sailing Yacht A is pictured arriving in the French Riviera earlier in the 2020 summer season. The yacht was photographed by Julien Hubert.

Sailing Yacht A in Sardinia

Here, Sailing Yacht A is viewed from the water. The photo was taken in Sardinia in 2019 and was taken by photographer Tom Van Oossanen from a tender.

Sailing Yacht A's stern

Again snapped in Sardinia, Sailing Yacht A's stern, name plate and balcony are clearly visible.

Sailing Yacht A sets sail

This is the first known image of Sailing Yacht A with all three of her sails hoisted. Captured in the West Mediterranean, this exclusive image was shot by Carl Groll in May 2017 for

Underwater lighting illuminates Sailing Yacht A's hull

Pictured in January 2017, shortly before her delivery, Sailing Yacht A is seen here illuminating the waters around the Nobiskrug yard with her underwater lighting. This stunning photo also shows her light-up nameplate, which matches the style of the nameplate on Melnichenko's Motor Yacht A.

Sailing Yacht A heading out for sea trials

One of the best photos of Sailing Yacht A was shot back in 2015 as she headed out for her first set of sea trials. While Sailing Yacht A's owner Andrey Melnichenko calls her a "sail-assisted motor yacht", she is regarded by many to become the world's largest sailing yacht. Her formidable size of 142.81 metres LOA — and generous volume — is unmistakable in this photo, as she completely dwarfs the seaside town. The smaller yachts in the harbour and houses dotted along the shoreline look like mere toys compared to the imposing Sailing Yacht A.

Sailing Yacht A and the clipper Amsterdam Stad

Another one of the best photos of Sailing Yacht A, this snap shows the contrast between her cutting-edge technology and design and the old world, as she provides a stark contrast to the traditional clipper Amsterdam Stad. The classic yacht is in the foreground, while the modern wonder that is Sailing Yacht A rides up behind, ready to pass the clipper, both literally and figuratively. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this one that highlights the huge differences between a beautiful classic sailing yacht and the ultra-modern Sailing Yacht A certainly says plenty.