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The M. Goldschmidt Group was established in 1979 by promoter and owner Mikael Goldschmidt, when he launched his entrepreneurial career at the age of 22.

Today, the Group stands as a very well-capitalised, modern and well-managed company whose three main activities are focused on investing in real property, securities and businesses.

The Group has come a long way since its establishment in 1979 as a sole proprietorship: Today the Group has over 1,000 employees in 25 companies and generates annual revenue of DKK 1.6 billion.

The corporate values underlying this impressive growth are illustrated by our logo, the Titan who bears the heavens upon his shoulders. This symbolises the Group's strength, dedication and ability to lift any assignment.


Strength, dedication, ability

Growth and optimal exploitation of potentials are pivotal to M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S and the Group's companies. We invest in properties, securities and businesses to generate long-term, sustainable value.

Our business philosophy is symbolised by the Titan in our logo who has the strength, dedication and ability to bear the heavens upon his shoulders. At M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S we strive for the same values _ strength, dedication and ability.

Backed by substantial financial strength, our vision is to extend our investments in the property segment and to forge relations to companies and projects where we can apply our management skills to strengthen a development based on mutual respect and good business acumen.