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45m Bad Company Support begins Atlantic sportfishing tour post-refit

11 August 2022 • Written by Katia Damborsky

The 45 metre Bad Company Support is beginning an ambitious marlin fishing tour beginning in Madeira, in Portugal. The itinerary will include off-the-beaten-path destinations including the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and various other destinations along Africa’s west coast.

It comes after the yacht was sold in January and entered a four-month refit at Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Centre, in southern Florida. She emerged from the shed in June sporting a number of modifications designed to facilitate her owner’s passion for sportfishing.

The yacht is one of ten vessels owned by Anthony Hsieh, which together form the Bad Company fleet. The most recent addition is the in-build 53 metre YS 53, the first hull in Damen’s innovative new series which is due for delivery next year.

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The recent modifications on the 45 metre Damen centred around the toy and tender storage, specifically the addition of a 10 metre sportfisher on the aft deck. Cradles were added and the layout of the deck was reconfigured to accommodate two tenders and JetSkis.

Elsewhere, the crane was modified and hatches were added to allow the sportfishing yacht to be launched and recovered with ease. Work was also carried out on the exterior and she was finished with a fresh coat of custom 'Bad Company grey' paint.

Bad Company Support was originally delivered in 2019, so “she was already in good nick,” according to Dan Nedwidek, captain of two of the Bad Company support vessels and director of operations for the Bad Company fleet.

“We just modified her for our specific purposes,” he said. The support yacht was formerly known as Joy Rider and was known as Pink Shadow when she was purchased by Hsieh in January.

The yacht’s upcoming itinerary follows an “unconventional programme” based around marlin fishing. “Marlins love the summer, so we’re chasing summer,” explained Nedwidek. The destinations aren’t always the “garden spots of the world”, but they offer a good mix of angling and adventure, he added.

The other nine yachts in the fleet include the 44 metre Trinity Bad Company - the largest sportfisher in the world - which has also emerged from a comprehensive refit at Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Centre. The yacht will be based around South Florida and the Bahamas.

Elsewhere, a 28 metre yacht built by American yard Jones-Goodell is currently in a refit. She will be based in Cabo San Lucas but will make frequent visits to Costa Rica and other central American destinations. Meanwhile, the in-build Damen YS 53 will be based in South Pacific and Indian Ocean. The aim is for Hsieh to have yachts around the globe to accommodate his fishing expeditions.

While the Damen vessels have been conceived as support vessels, Nedwidek acknowledged that is not the “traditional mothership [that] they support”, as their goal is usually to support and transport smaller sportfishing boats. "The support yachts are the hotels as well," said Nedwidek. 

The fleet also supports Hsieh’s charity “War Heroes on the Water”, which aids war veterans through sportfishing tournaments.  In 2021, the charity raised $1.35 million to benefit combat-wounded veterans.

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