Barracuda reveals concept for world’s fastest superyacht

2 February 2017 • Written by Chris Jefferies

The Barracuda Yacht Design studio has opened up about its latest concept, which has been designed to break the record for the fastest superyacht in the world.

This 33.53 metre planing yacht concept was commissioned by an ambitious client and has been three years in development. Accommodation would be for eight guests and four crew members, and although the GA has been agreed upon, no interior renderings have been released so far.

The 33 metre concept has undergone extensive CFD testing

Íñigo Toledo of Barracuda Yacht Design estimates that the entire project could be completed in 24 months, adding: “We did not find a single yard which could do everything together, so there is going to be plenty of coordination needed.”

To keep weight as low as possible, the entire hull and superstructure would be built from pre-preg carbon fibre, while the custom deck hardware would be made in titanium. A diesel propulsion system has been chosen over the gas turbines favoured by other super-fast yachts in order to cut down on maintenance.

The current record for the world's fastest superyacht belongs to the 41.4 metre Izar yacht Foners, which has recorded a maximum speed of 70.1 knots. The Barracuda design would be capable of 70 knots in monohull mode, at which point a pair of hydrofoils will deploy, allowing for a record-breaking top speed of 75 knots.

Despite the focus on speed, there has been no compromise on interior comfort, with all the amenities and creature comforts that you would expect on a luxury flybridge yacht, such as a spacious superyacht sundeck and a sheltered cockpit.

Other projects currently under development at Barracuda Yacht Design include a 50 metre pocket explorer yacht concept which was exhibited at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show.

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