Cantiere delle Marche, a new Italian shipyard

21 December 2010 • Written by Raphael Montigneaux

The new Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche has recently started operations. Their target is a range of displacement yachts measuring from 21 metres to 40 metres. The facility of Cantiere delle Marche is located in Ancona. It was formerly used by the Ferretti Group and built only three years ago, specifically for the construction of yachts.

Northern European professionals have been involved in the development of the yard since the beginning of the project to establish a top quality product. The first result is the Darwin Class, a line of long-range expedition yachts with an exterior design by HydroTec.

Following the current success of the eco-vogue, the Darwin Class series could be designed to respect rigorous environmental rules. One of the possible options is the choice of a hybrid propulsion system with hybrid Pronaves engines developed in collaboration with the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Rome III to reduce the environmental impact and fuel consumption.

Three clients have already followed the shipyard in this adventure and ordered two Darwin 86 and one Darwin 82, the smaller one having the hybrid propulsion system. All three are already under construction and the first Darwin 86, a pocket expedition yacht of 26.04m, will be delivered during the Summer of 2011.

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