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Cantharus: Designer Darin Osborne reveals futuristic 69m concept

17 October 2022 • Written by Brooke Murphy

A 69 metre concept with an innovative approach to underwater connection has been released by United States-based designer Darin Osborne.

The concept yacht design was created with an underwater lounge office amidship that can easily be converted into a master cabin at the request of the owner. The arrangement provides unrestricted views of the ocean both above and below deck and encourages guests to be fully immersed in whichever environment they find themselves in. 

At night, underwater lights can illuminate the area directly in front of the glass wall. 

The "futuristic" vessel includes panoramic views from the upper bridge and the ability to "swing" each side of the helm station port or starboard to improve visibility when the yacht is docking or maneuvering. A radial variable skylight above the control provides the captain with controlled natural lighting.

Below the main deck is a “glass hull-side” wrapping around the main saloon and shared living areas which include formal dining a piano and an entertainment system.

The aft main includes a transformable stage that doubles as a jacuzzi with a dynamic layout that can be positioned for various seating arrangements. A bar and DJ booth brings the space together.

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Speaking about the design, Osborne said he conceived by Cantharus by starting at the hull of the yacht and working up.  "The underwater lounge is a place to be surrounded by water and beauty," he said, adding that it provides "serenity" wherever the yacht cruises.

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