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29m Ferretti yacht runs aground in Long Island

4 July 2022

A 29.2 metre Ferretti motor yacht, named In Too Deep, has run aground at a beach in Long Island, New York.

The incident took place on June 26, and the yacht was stranded on Bailie Beach, Mattituck for over seven hours.

All photos credit: Peter McGreevy

The yacht was refloated during high tides with the help of two commercial boats. According to eyewitness reports, “the boat was towed from the beach that evening, it took them about forty minutes to get her off the shore.”

The cause of the incident is still being investigated. A police report states that three people were safely disembarked with no injuries.

An incident report has since been filed. The yacht ran into the beach at a speed of 6.8 knots during clear weather conditions.