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Inside the interior of Heesen's 80m flagship superyacht Galactica

22 December 2021 • Written by Miranda Blazeby


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Heesen Yachts ·  80.07 m ·  2023

When the 80 metre Heesen superyacht Project Cosmos, now named Galactica, hit the water for the first time in November, superyacht enthusiasts were quick to notice the ferocious pair of teeth custom painted on the superyacht’s bulb. It might have been assumed that this was indicative of an eccentric interior design hiding beneath the sleek exterior but this, according to Paul Costerus of interior design studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, is not the case.

Interior images: Heesen/ Exterior images: Tom van Oossanen

He describes the Galactica’s teeth as a “bit of fun”. Inside, however, the owner’s brief for the new Heesen flagship was for a “light” interior, in both light and atmosphere. The studio, which previously collaborated with Heesen on Home, Project Falcon and Galactica Super Nova, also penned the interior of the owner’s previous yacht and was asked to make Galactica’s interior “lighter and brighter” in comparison. “Sometimes,” Costerus explains, “you have an interior that feels as though it’s sitting right on top of you – our goal was to avoid that.”

To do this, Sinot focused on “adding light into the interior” with indirect lighting. Key examples include the glass ceilings in the main deck lounge, combined with materials such as faux leathers and woodwork, which add “interesting contrasts.” 

Another trick was the inclusion of large windows “angled towards the light”. These windows work to “drag” light into the interior and “frame the view”. Sinot also focused on lightening the interior in terms of the weight of the environment, with “light touches of nature” and layers of detailing.

Neutral woods and light silks contrast with stained walnut wood and stainless-steel detailing. The carpets meanwhile are made of natural fibres - silk and wool - while the light and dark stones add an extra layer of contrast.

The upholstery adds another layer of detailing, with headboards, cushions and wall panels bedecked in different shades of blue, from “sky blues to sea blues”. Up in the skylounge however, the colours change to “reds and oranges” in synergy with the sunsets that will be enjoyed from that area. When it comes to Costerus’ personal favourite space on board, he immediately points to the owner’s cabin. Galactica will be a busy yacht, with a steady flow of the owner’s friends and business colleagues.

The owner’s cabin however will remain entirely private and as a result, features a “natural and calm” décor with a higher level of detailing seen elsewhere on the yacht. This is evident in the intricacy of the stitching in the wall panels and headboard, the latter of which could be considered an “art piece”, Costerus says. Unlike the guest cabins, which feature retail light fittings, the light fittings in the owner’s cabin are custom made. “It’s the most luxurious space on board,” Costerus says, “it’s really a showcase of the level of detail that Galactica offers.”

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