Gallery: Inside the 39 Metre Explorer Catamaran The Beast

The Beast Underway

Images courtesy of Aaron March; Andy Grocott

The Beast is owned by Kiwi jewellery entrepreneur Sir Michael Hill, who until recently owned 34-metre Alloy Yachts VvS1 (now Akiko).

The Beast Underway

The Beast is a vast catamaran, with explorer influences in its design and a 15-metre industrial-style aft deck that is now home to the Baby Beast, various watercraft including an amphibious vessel, and two heavy-duty cranes.

The Beast Underway

“We don’t like sitting around, and The Beast is absolutely designed for adventure,” says Hill, a keen fisherman. “We’ve packed her with all kinds of water equipment and everything for fishing, from freezer rooms to live bait tanks.

The Upper Deck

Outdoor areas include a sheltered dining space on the upper deck [pictured], a large sundeck with a bar and teppanyaki grill – a feature that carried over from VvS1 – and a sheltered retreat on the aft deck.

The Sundeck

The large sundeck is home to a bar and teppanyaki grill.

The Teppanyaki Grill

The teppanyaki grill was a favourite feature from VvS1 incorporated on The Beast.

The Bridge

The bridge is Captain Andy Grocott’s favourite space on board.

The Galley

“The owners enjoy interacting with the chef and the galley, so that open layout was important to them,” says Grocott. The Beast’s interior is a relaxed haven that was created by the Hill family. “The style of the interior is a progression of all our previous boats and house designs,” says Hill.

The Dining Area

A custom triangular table is the centrepiece of the dining and living areas. A dark colour scheme with grey fabric and oak-style veneer panelling on the walls and floor is offset by colourful pieces of artwork


Following sea trials, The Beast headed for the Pacific islands, where the Hills have put her to good use. She is now listed for charter by 37 South and is based out of New Zealand and the South Pacific

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