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'Record breaking' first ClubSwan 125 sailing superyacht completes sea trials

28 April 2021• Written by Miranda Blazeby

The "record-breaking" first 38.1 metre ClubSwan 125 has completed sea trials in Pietarsaari, Finland where it "exceeded all expectations", according to builder Nautor's Swan. 

Built in carbon fibre and painted with a striking yellow and black exterior, the sailing yacht is “the most advanced and radical maxi yacht in sailing history” according to the yard. Power comes from a Marine Diesel Sweden VGT 500. 

The brief from the “passionate sailor” owner was to “create a high-performance, record-breaking superyacht”, Nautor's Swan added. 

As a result, the ClubSwan 125, which was designed by naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian, is built from lightweight materials, including carbon fibre prepreg and nomex/corecell core for a light displacement in the water.

Kouyoumdjian said he believes the model "will raise the stakes in the sailing world and set a milestone in the whole marine industry.”

"When I started working on the project of ClubSwan 125 together with Nautor’s Swan and the owner’s team, I felt thrilled. Design a racer sailboat, able to reach a speed in the region of 15 knots upwind and will always be faster than the wind speed downwind is something unique," he added.

Other innovations include the addition of a single curved foil that provides sideways and vertical lift in varying conditions. It will also reduce the drag of the hull and loss of dynamic righting movement. Meanwhile, the canting keel provides the highest righting movement with minimum weight impact.

Nautor's Swan vice president, Enrico Chieffi added: "ClubSwan 125 makes us very proud at Nautor’s Swan. This boat can be seen as the real representation of innovation through heritage. 

"Seeing our boatbuilders in Pietarsaari, working together with the most talented team in the sailing industry coming from everywhere in the world, it’s something extraordinary, pushing everyone to another level."

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