Stairway to heaven: Standout superyacht staircases

Superyacht staircases are an ideal canvas for interior designers to weave their magic. We round up some of the best examples of stairways found on board...


Image credit: Eray Altay

Tatiana's epicentre is undoubtedly her 110-square-metre beach club (and its spectacular swimming pool) – which is easily accessible from the main saloon via this dramatic, sweeping staircase. Crafted from Macassar wood and Carrara marble, the angular staircase features backlit panelling for a futuristic feel.

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Bilgin   80 m •   2021


Image credit: Alberto Cocchi

The main hallway on board this 42-metre Rossiniavi superyacht offers an impressive welcome on account of the elaborate staircase. Designed by Enrico Gobbi, the space is dominated by a geometric glass chandelier made from thousands of Swarovski crystals, cascading through all three decks and projecting flashes of light into the surrounding area. The staircase's lighting also be changed dependent on mood.

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Rossinavi   48.2 m •   2014

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Rossinavi   48.3 m •   12 guests • Price from €220,000 p/w


With its plush red carpeting and handrail of varnished wood, the spiralling staircase on board the 106.1 metre Amadea looks like it could have been taken from inside a grand palace. Designed by François Zuretti, the gold finishes on the stairwell railings and the fleur-de-lis pattern underfoot add to the palatial feel of this Lürssen superyacht.

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Lurssen   106.1 m •   2017

White Rabbit

The spectacular staircase on board Echo Yachts’ 84 metre trimaran White Rabbit welcomes guests to the superyacht and leads to the upper deck. The lobby splits into two lounges – a more formal one to starboard and an informal area to port.

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Echo Yachts   84 m •   2018


Credit: Jim Raycroft

A fantastical tree decorated with handmade coloured pieces of glass is the backbone of the main staircase rising at the heart of the 85-metre Lürssen superyacht Solandge. The California-made sculpture is 15 metres tall, contains 1,423 points of light and is anchored by a stainless steel and leather bannister. Her contemporary interior was designed by Eileen Rodriguez with a mix of rare materials, including 33 different exotic timbers.

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Lurssen   85.1 m •   2013


If any superyacht staircase could be considered a work of art, then the elegant spiral masterpiece on the award-winning Feadship superyacht Savannah is it. Cristina Gherardi Benardeau and Marcello Bozzarelli, of CG Design in Paris created Savannah's interiors as part of only their second superyacht project. This 83.5-metre superyacht's ample 12.5-metre beam means that the refined wooden staircase can unwind lazily from the top deck right down to the main deck.

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Feadship   83.5 m •   2015

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Feadship   83.5 m •   12 guests • Price from €1,000,000 p/w


The copper-covered stairwell on board the 50 metre Wider superyacht Stern is part of a lustrous decorative scheme. Materials with lustre and texture are used throughout, from the copper of the staircase to the oak bathtub in the master.

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Wider   49.98 m •   2018

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Wider   49.98 m •  12 guests •  €25,500,000


This spiral staircase is undoubtedly the centrepiece of Dubai, a 162-metre superyacht built by Platinum and designed by Andrew Winch. The glass steps change colour to create different moods and offers a view of the pool's waterfall from the main deck. Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, the superyacht can accommodate 115 guests and was the largest yacht in the world by volume at the time of her build.

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Platinum   162 m •   2006


The design approach on board the 30.48 metre Wally sailing superyacht Tango follows the theme of the cockpit-less deck, with staircase-less steps down to the saloon. Floating treads, their ends angled not unlike spoilers on a Formula One car or wavelets on an otherwise smooth sea, are suspended from the saloon’s aft bulkhead.

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Wally   24 m •   2006

I Dynasty

Image credit: Christopher Scholey

Known as one of the most complex superyachts in history, the 100.8-metre I Dynasty has a intricate staircase to match. The setup begins with a stone foyer which recreates a design by Michelangelo out of dark Port Laurent marble and white and Calacatta Gold. This light marble forms the backbone of the staircase, that wraps around a large glass elevator leading to the upper deck. Meanwhile, a floral, wrought iron balustrade with gold-plated details "embraces you while climbing up the stairs," according to Luigi Massari, founder of Studio Massari.

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Peterswerft - Kusch   100.8 m •   2015

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