The best superyacht terraces and balconies on board

Designers are always looking for ways to bring the outside in on board superyachts. Check out the best balconies and terraces found on the coolest superyachts and how they are seamlessly integrated into the exterior design, starting with Amels' Volpini 2...

Volpini 2

Credit: Jeff Brown

The vast 90m2 owner's suite on board 57.7 metre Amels superyacht Volpini 2 is equipped with a fold-out terrace on the starboard side for an intimate spot to take in the views while allowing the ocean breeze to rush into the cabin. 

The terrace can deploy in just a few minutes at the touch of a button, with the stainless steel and rope railings stored in a nearby cupboard while underway. The space can fit two chairs and a table for drinks or a light meal.

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Amels   57.7 m •   2018


Credit: Eray Altay

Bilgin Yachts’ 80 metre flagship is the result of a long-standing collaboration by the owner and the family-run Turkish shipyard. The statesman-like interior was designed by H2 Yacht Design, with the aim to provide a space for board meetings and special conferences.

The owner enjoys a private top-deck terrace, which they enter through sliding doors from the large suite. Tatiana also features two more side terraces, which unfold when the yacht is anchored.

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Bilgin   80 m •   2021

Club M

Credit: Paolo Petrignani

Club M features a clever terrace that offers an extension of the owner’s suite. Instead of folding down, a portion of the hull folds upwards and a teak balcony extends from a slot hidden beneath the suite’s wooden floor on the starboard side. This is all in step with the owner’s wish for seclusion. “My wife and I cherish our privacy,” he says, which was one of the primary driving factors in the design of the superyacht.

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Baglietto   39.75 m •   2020

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Baglietto   39.75 m •  12 guests •  €19,900,000

Endeavour 2

Credit: Rossinavi

Designed for experienced sailors planning to spend months at a time on board, a terrace, and the privacy, quiet and incredible views that come with it, was a must for the owners of 50 metre Rossinavi Endeavour 2.  The fold-out balcony is located on the starboard side of the owner's suite and the elegant style of interior designer Achille Salvagni extends to this area thanks to a Gio Ponti chair sourced at auction and featuring a low centre of gravity so guests feels less roll. Endeavour 2 is currently listed for charter with Ocean Independence

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Rossinavi   49.9 m •   2017

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Rossinavi   49.9 m •   10 guests • Price from €275,000 p/w


Credit: Jeff Brown / Breed Media

Bartali, The 45.72 metre flagship from Wider Yachts, is packed with technological innovation and the main deck master suite is a perfect example of this. To starboard, a broad window powers open automatically for fresh air under way but close that window and a much larger, marble-clad section of superstructure folds out. Touch the button for longer and teak decking slides out from under the floor and railings rise up.

It is an immaculate superyacht terrace with decking flush to the interior floor. It looks and feels like a permanent feature, not a temporary fix, and yet it’s easy enough for an owner to erect without the help of crew. Just as importantly, since it will be closed most of the time, when stowed you wouldn’t guess it was there.

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Wider   46 m •   2017

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Wider   47.05 m •  11 guests •  €19,800,000


Credit: Feadship

The balcony on Feadship’s 66.25 metre superyacht Hampshire is built-in under the master suite. Touch a button and it extends out and the floor rises to sit flush with the suite, offering a seamless transition to the balcony and superb views from two deck chairs. The original owners for whom Hampshire was built were keen on getting as close to the water as possible, so the terrace was a key feature for delivering on this request. 

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Feadship   66.25 m •   2016


Credit: Thierry Ameller

Full-height glass doors on the starboard side of this dining saloon open to a balcony that folds down from the bulwark of 34 metre Mulder yacht Solis. Styled by interior designer Claydon Reeves, this superyacht balcony helps bring the inside out and is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails al fresco.

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Mulder Shipyard   34 m •   2015


Credit: Michael Maynard and Bugsy Gedlek

A permanent terrace, meaning no deployment process is necessary, is located on the upper deck of 96 metre Blohm+Voss superyacht Palladium. Designed inside and out by Michael Leach Design, Palladium's terrace features glazed inserts and goes with the flow of the yacht's exterior curvy design. Space for a couple of chairs makes this spot perfect for sundowner drinks, while the glass doors seamlessly open up the spaces inside.

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Blohm & Voss   95.15 m •   2010


Credit: Quin Bisset / Q&K Media

The master suite of 66.4 metre ISA motor yacht Okto, designed by the late Alberto Pinto, is a great place to chill out. Even with balcony doors open, cooler air stays inside thanks to an air-curtain barrier, which also helps keep bugs out too.

There's even a technical solution for slotting in the guardrails that doesn't require the crew – simply push a button and they fold up out of the balcony.

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ISA   66.4 m •   2014

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ISA   66.4 m •   11 guests • Price from $480,000 p/w

Chopi Chopi

Credit: Maurizio Paradisi

The owner’s study on board 80 metre CRN superyacht Chopi Chopi provides the ultimate work-from-home office. Designed by Laura Sessa the space is complete with a large fold-down terrace that makes for a tempting spot for a breath of fresh air or a nap in a lounger. The office terrace is part of the owner's private deck which also encompasses a 200 square metre apartment, as well as a helipad for arriving and departing in style.

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CRN   80 m •   2013

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