Top 6 futuristic design features of Feadship Project Choice

Fuel-efficient exterior

Dutch superyacht yard Feadship unveiled a new superyacht concept at the Monaco Yacht Show today (September 28) called Project Choice.

New Feadship concepts are always greeted with much fanfare, as the Dutch yard has a strong track record of turning their designs into reality — from example X-Stream and Breathe heavily influenced the design of the 2015 launch Savannah.

For its latest bold superyacht concept Project Choice, Feadship has created several innovative new features, the first of which is the sleek exterior. Measuring 74.5 metres overall, Project Choice has a streamlined bow that improves fuel efficiency by 29% when compared to a traditional displacement yacht of this size.

Integral tenders

The twin superyacht tenders on Feadship Project Choice are an integral part of the design, not just because they fit seamlessly into the exterior, but also because they provide the yacht’s primary propulsion system.

When docked onto the sides of the mothership, the tenders’ engines charge Project Choice’s central battery bank, which can then provide silent propulsion at ten knots when the tenders are deployed.

Detachable beach club

Beach clubs have been a must-have feature on some of the world’s largest yachts for many years now, but Feadship Project Choice adds a clever twist on this trend with a sandy beach and an amphibious apartment.

When detached this floating beach club is driven by an electric propulsion system, allowing a private and secluded night away from the mothership.

Two-person passenger drone

Inspired by some of the world’s most amazing private jet concepts, Feadship Project Choice also features a two-person passenger drone.

Nestled at the top of the yacht, this detachable pod allows owners to take to the skies and explore the surrounding area, leaving behind a vast observation deck for the guests to enjoy.

Motion-compensated pool

The superyacht pool on Feadship Project Choice is no ordinary hot tub, as the Dutch yard has designed a magnetic levitation and drive system to compensate for any rolling motion to keep the water perfectly level and undisturbed.

Concealed aft decks

For added safety and security, the aft deck of Feadship Project Choice can be completely sealed off from the elements by a series of louvres, which are autonomously controlled.

This mechanism has a teak-effect finish as a nod to traditional nautical aesthetics on this highly futuristic superyacht concept.

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