4 interesting features of the Kraken concept


A catamaran concept

With a large beach club, a windscreen that doubles as a skylight and raised pilothouse

Kraken is a 75 metre catamaran concept by Gray Design that could reach 35 knots and consists of four decks. This aerial view rendering conceals the large beach club and reception area aft, but shows off the space on the bow for a helipad and gives a hint of the wildly raked windscreen that doubles as a skylight for the lounge on the owner’s deck. Kraken also has a raised pilothouse, offering good panoramic visibility around the entire superyacht.


Inspired by a supercar concept

To create a matching set of extreme vehicles for land and sea

Inspiration for the Kraken concept came from Gray Design’s Vapour GT yacht-friendly supercar concept, pictured above. With the car beside the superyacht, you can clearly see how far the Swedish design firm has extended the Vapour GT’s lines. They both share the same metallic paintwork with red highlights to further underline their use as a pair.


Four decks

And accommodation in each hull

This side-on rendering gives a glimpse of the space on board, with a tease of the massive saloon aft. What you can’t see is the accommodation in each hull, and without a GA we don’t know what Gray Design has planned for the four decks.


A stunning saloon

With unique light installations

The only rendering from inside Kraken is of the saloon. It shows a pair of curved staircases and stunning installations which see superyacht lighting being used as an art form.

Despite the serene interior, Eduard Gray explained the concept is named after the mythical kraken. “The Kraken is truly a monster of the seas,” he said, “intimidating regardless of whether you are a pirate or not."