4 interior design features of Suerte

Accommodating beach club

Also serves as a space to welcome charter guests

These never-been-seen interior photos of 69 metre  Tankoa luxury yacht Suerte give us a glimpse into the semi-custom superyacht that made her public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show this week.

Behind the glass doors on the stern platform lies a beach club that is incredibly spacious, with plenty of room to lounge on big sofas or unfold the massage tables.

This beach club also serves as a lush area to welcome guests when Suerte is at anchor. There’s a staircase forward, which leads the guests up to a small bar area, and the stairway has been designed to allow crew to move luggage up to the guest cabins with ease.

Masculine upper saloon with beautiful detailing

Complemented by dappled light filtering through the glass-bottomed pool above

The glass bottom of Suerte’s pool, which sits above the upper saloon, creates a beautiful, light-filled atmosphere of dappled light dancing across the dark, masculine interior below.

As the image above shows, the Margherita Casprini-designed interior very much focuses on grey hues and includes a number of tactile, textured materials. This is perfectly illustrated by the blend of the super-soft rug under foot, the plush sofa and the textured artwork on each wall. Behind the sofa sits a dark figurine – a statue of a swimmer about to leap into the deep water.

Art-filled dining room

With a wine rack that's not just for display

The bright and airy dining room of _Suerte _contains a table with Jersualem stone and lacquered wood detailing, and has an art installation hung above the table that arrests your attention when entering. As this image shows, there’s a fish tank that separates the room from the saloon, with a glass door to enclose it.

The dining saloon also features a hefty wine cooler, with space for 30 bottles of wine on display. And in the corner you can see a statue of a figure – a theme repeated throughout Suerte, with numerous dark figurines displayed across all decks.

Owner's cabin with a view

And a separate office offering absolute privacy

Perhaps the most fawned-over feature of the interior of superyacht Suerte is in the owner’s cabin: the bed is elevated to offer great panoramic views whilst lying in it. The owner also enjoys a private office, styled in the yacht's trademark masculine grey and black hues, with a door that can be closed to offer maximum privacy.

A door on the side of the room offers direct access to the foredeck lounge area, which hosts a sun pad and hot tub, faced by sofas and some neat built-in tables.

Suerte is very much a yacht that focuses on outdoor living, and what more obvious a way is there to communicate this than making it the focus of the owner’s cabin and the first thing he sees each morning.

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