Grand designs: The most extreme superyacht concepts in the world

There's no limits to a superyacht designer's imagination. BOAT rounds up the most radical and unusual superyacht concepts guaranteed to inspire your inner designer. 


Dutch yard Oceanco teamed up with design studio Pininfarina on the 90 metre hybrid superyacht concept Kairos, which features an entirely symmetrical profile. Described by Oceanco as a “floating, living island which frees those onboard to live fully in the moment," the concept features an E-Hybrid propulsion system that uses batteries as its primary source of energy. According to Oceanco, as a result there is "no noise, lower vibrations and zero local emissions”. 


Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Lürssen's 98 metre, emission-free concept features five decks and was revealed at Monaco Yacht Show 2021. The concept, named ALICE, includes an unusual, fully-open main deck and is powered by fuel cell technology. Jim Sluijter, who penned the exterior design, said: "With lots of yachts what you see is the and superstructure connected to each other. I separated the two so you have the hull, the superstructure and an interesting exterior deck in between."


This futuristic carbon neutral concept from the boards of Luca Dini Design & Architecture is fitted with a fully electric propulsion system and roof top solar panels, ensuring "total respect to the environment". Dini penned the 28m design after working on a protected marine area in the Middle East for a company that required a vessel that could travel around the area without impacting the environment. Cetacean is designed with a number of uses in mind, including a shuttle, mobile hospital, cargo carrier or even a private vessel. The concept has a cruising speed of 12 and carries a total of 25 people on board, as well as five crew. 


Freshly revealed by US designer Steve Kozloff, the 160 metre superyacht concept Galleon comes complete with a fully enclosed hangar that can hold 10 helicopters. Key features include a steel, ice-classed hull and aluminium superstructure, massive 21,766GT interior and hybrid diesel-electric propulsion for a top speed of 18.4 knots and globe-trotting range of 10,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. Accommodation is for a total of 200 passengers in 20 private residences.

Earth 300

Penned by Iddes Yachts and measuring a massive 300 metres, Earth 300 is packed with green technology and even features a prominent "science sphere" aft. Earth 300 features 22 on board laboratories and the capacity to hold more than 400 people on board, including 160 scientists, 20 experts-in-residence, 20 students, 40 VIP guests and 165 crew. Other features include an observation deck, a 46-metre beam and an interior dedicated to scientific research and expedition.


Freshly revealed by Lazzarini Design, this 25 metre solar-powered amphibious catamaran is inspired by the shape of a giant crab. Originally conceived as a military vessel, Pagurus's hulls are lined with screw cylinders which enable the yacht to move across sand or mud terrain. The living areas, which can accommodate a total of eight guests and four crew, are found inside the two hulls. 

Project Galileo²

Penned by Beiderbeck Designs, this 200 metre project is intended to “shift the limits of what is feasible”. The catamaran features a methanol propulsion system and will “pioneer geothermal energy” in yachting, the studio said. Key features include a fold-down restaurant and harbour area with an 80 metre pier and all the facilities of a fully equipped marina. Project Galileo² features storage for up to 25 tenders, submersibles and toys and boasts an outdoor cinema, hospital and 500 square metre pool. Accommodation on board is for a total of 38 guests and 75 crew.


Lazzarini Design has also penned the 137 metre swan-inspired superyacht concept Avanguardia. Named after its English meaning of ‘vanguard', the concept features an extendable control tower resembling the head of a swan. The control tower/ bridge, which is used to operate the yacht, is moved by an extendable crane. The head can even be detached from the yacht entirely and used as a separate 16 metre boat. Spread across five decks, Avanguardia accommodates 24 guests, 10 crew and 12 staff.


Penned inside and out by Ricky Smith Designs, this futuristic 80 metre superyacht concept Solis features curvaceous styling and a sleek superstructure constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre. Electrically powered, Solis features numerous integrated panels in the vast overhead canopy on the sun deck, which also features a spa pool, sports terrace, sports bar and brasserie. Elsewhere, there is an “aero foil shaped helipad” on the upper deck aft and a 75 square metre balcony overlooking the swimming platform on the main deck.

Codecasa Jet 2020

Codecasa's futuristic 70 metre aircraft inspired superyacht design, the Codecasa Jet 2020 is packed with stylistic features “borrowed” from the world of aviation design, including a sundeck that extends aft to recall “the tail of an aircraft”. Additional inspiration is present in the yacht’s air inlets, which are designed to recall a jet engine, and radar antennas inside carbon fibre domes replicating those on AWACS airplanes. Other features include “huge exterior and interior spaces”, swimming pool and covered gym.

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